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Things in Bowls Vol. 10

Welcome to the latest edition of Things in Bowls! We've been eating a lot of repeat Things in Bowls recipes, which you can check out HERE if you need ideas. I predict that there will be a lot of soup in our future as well with the unusually cold weather we seem to be getting here and there. Because we've been eating a lot of repeat recipes lately and because we do occasionally eat things off of plates, I'll do a non-bowl edition of Things in Bowls soon :)


Teriyaki Vegetable Stir Fry

For no logical reason, it has been SO LONG since I made a good teriyaki stir fry. So, when I saw this recipe that includes an incredibly simple homemade teriyaki sauce, I knew we needed to try it out. Don't let the homemade sauce scare you - it took less than 5 minutes! We served this over brown rice.

Here are the changes I made:

  • I left out the tempeh. You could use tofu, chicken, or beef if you'd like!

  • Used 2 bell peppers + 3 carrots instead of 3 bell peppers

  • I've mentioned it before, but I use this ginger paste in place of fresh ginger (use in equal amounts)

Cashew Chicken

I'm not sure how this hasn't shown up on Things in Bowls yet but it's a good one! I leave out the mushrooms. We wanted to make this when visiting family in Europe a few years ago and couldn't find edamame to save our lives so we used broccoli instead and it turned out great. We continue to make it that way on occasion depending on how we feel. If we use edamame, I get a bag of frozen, shelled edamame at the store. As above, we served this over brown rice.

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