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Things in Bowls Vol. 2

The next round of Things in Bowls is here! If you missed volume 1, which includes a description of how Things in Bowls came about, check it out here. Basically, I like easy, delicious food and I like eating out of bowls. Things in Bowls is a collection of recipes I've been making lately that fit those criteria :) Hope you enjoy and find some new ideas!


Moroccan Grilled Chicken

We loved this but I will double the marinade and chicken next time! We don't have a grill so I put the chicken under the broiler for ~10 min and that worked great. I didn't add the olives to the vinaigrette and we ended up not using the feta either because it was great without it. I roasted some potatoes and bell peppers for a side and the vinaigrette was great on those too!


Chicken Shawarma Tabbouleh Salad

This is a great example of a recipe that looked too complicated on the surface so I made a fair amount of changes to make it more budget- and weeknight-friendly. I use the marinade from the recipe and prepare a store-bought tabbouleh mix. We add chopped cucumber to the tabbouleh mix and topped everything with feta, hummus, and store-bought tzatziki. This is one of our favorites!


Greek Chickpea Salad

This was a great summer meal. Quick, easy, and no cooking required! My husband put this one together but I think he only ended up using 2 bell peppers instead of 3. We ate it with pita chips for carbs. I ate at least 2-3 times the amount of pita chips shown, I just didn't want to bury the beautiful salad for the picture :) You could do more or less depending on how hungry you are.


Instant Pot Taco Chili

Yeah, I know. It's not really chili season. But the instant pot is just so easy and doesn't heat up the house! Although, I had planned to have tortilla chips on the side and we didn't have as many as I thought we did so I ended up having to heat up the oven anyway to make potatoes because we needed a carbohydrate. I used the instant pot on slow cooker mode but there are slow cooker and stove top directions in the recipe too if you'd prefer that.


One Pot Lemon Chicken + Orzo

This is a really easy one! I cut up the chicken into bite-sized pieces rather than leaving it whole, used regular lemons instead of Meyer lemons, used additional chicken broth instead of white wine, and left out the fresh dill. Small tweaks like this usually don't change the recipe much but can save a lot of money on random ingredients that are pricey or not frequently used.


Instant Pot Mac and Cheese

Again, I chose the instant pot because it's fast and doesn't heat up the house :) I used whole wheat pasta this time around because I find it a little more filling but we've used white pasta too. We had salad on the side with carrots, cucumber, avocado, and Caesar dressing.


Cashew Crunch Salad

This makes a ton of leftovers if you're looking for an easy summer meal and want to have your lunch taken care of for a few days too. We made the dressing without the Greek yogurt because we didn't have any and I also left out the chow mein noodles because I don't really like them. Instead of adding the dressing to the whole salad, we just added it to each serving so it wouldn't get soggy in the fridge. For protein, we cooked 2 chicken breasts with salt and pepper under the broiler. I had pita chips on the side for carbs!

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