• Hannah Peterman, Undergraduate Dietetic Intern

Nutrition Arithmetic

No, we’re not talking about counting carbs, calories, points, sheep, or otherwise. In our opinion, calculators can stay in your sixth grader’s backpack during mealtime. Instead, we’re sharing some simpler do’s and don’ts for a healthier lifestyle.


Subtract “I only want to eat cabbage soup and rice cakes until the day I die!” said no one ever. We’re certainly not bashing either of those foods, but if a nutrition plan tells you to sever your ties with all things delicious, you can rest assured that something’s amiss. Part of the reason diets are so unsuccessful is that no one likes them.

Divide We may not like to admit it, but restrictive diets can be divisive. One family member must suffer through a meal of dressing-less greens, while another savors flavorful food. Or, the whole household experiences the diet together, with one or more members dragging their feet.



Add Have you ever been on a relaxing vacation? Chances are, you wished you could stay a bit longer before returning to life as usual. Why? Because you enjoyed it. This is our philosophy when it comes to food! Rather than starting a diet that you are itching to stop, try adding healthy foods into your life that you already enjoy. Branch out and purchase new produce that you’ve never tasted. Search the web for new recipes that utilize the nutritious foods you already love. Taking care of yourself doesn't have to feel like boot camp.

Multiply Share the love! If you have a favorite nutritious dish, invite friends over to share it with you. And, if someone offers you some richer food, that’s okay, too. Just eat it slowly, paying attention to how it tastes and to your own hunger and fullness cues. No need to abandon your social life to eat in a balanced way.

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