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Revamp Your Social Media Feed With These Positive Messages

With WiFi almost everywhere we turn and smart phones in our pockets, we have almost constant access to social media.

Although it may seem subtle at times, the messages we see on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have a huge impact on how we view ourselves and our surroundings.

If the people you follow post their daily meals and workouts, you have the opportunity to constantly compare yourself with others. This can leave you judging yourself for not drinking a smoothie at breakfast, for grabbing ice cream with friends, or for not running 10 miles before work.

Something I often suggest to clients who are trying to fight their way out of the diet mentality and redevelop a healthy relationship with food is to revamp their social media feed. Surrounding yourself with things that inspire and encourage you has a massive impact on your thoughts throughout the day. When helpful, encouraging, non-judgmental things go in, helpful, encouraging, non-judgmental thoughts and behaviors will come out.


Any time I see a post that promotes excessive exercise, restrictive eating, or an unhealthy/unattainable body size or shape, I unfollow. It's just not worth it to me that have that influencing my ability to listen to my own body and make decisions accordingly.

Instagram is my social media of choice, but many of these people have accounts on other forms of social media as well. Here are a few of my favorite Instagram accounts and why I love them:

Anna Sweeney (@dietitiananna)

Kylie Mitchell (@immaeatthat)

The Joy of Eating (@rachelhartleyrd)

Haley Goodrich (@hgoodrichrd)

Christy Harrison (@chr1styharrison)

Robyn Nohling (@thereallife_rd)

----> All non-diet dietitians.

Jessica Merchant (@howsweeteats)

Spoon Fork Bacon (@spoonforkbacon)

Teighan Gerard (@halfbakedharvest)

Joy the Baker (@joythebaker)

----> 0% focus on restriction and 100% focus on enjoying great food (plus recipes!).

National Geographic Travel (@natgeotravel)

The Outbound Collective (@theoutbound)

Stephen Matera Photographer (@stephen_matera)

U.S. National Parks (@nationalparksus)

U.S. Department of the Interior (@usinterior)

Canadian National Parks (@nationalparkscanada)

----> Because looking at beautiful places/dreaming of future vacations is much more life-giving that comparing yourself to other people.

Revamping your social media feeds is a form of self-care. What are some things you love that you can use to replace negative messages on your feeds?

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