No Diet. New Year. New You!

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We’re looking for 10 motivated women to participate in the Rethink Nutrition 12-Week Health Transformation - FOOD FREEDOM program starting January 2019!

We’ve had SO many women reaching out to us recently who are sick of...

  • constantly thinking about food

  • judging themselves or their day as “good” or “bad” based on what they ate

  • feeling out of control around food

  • hungry, tired, and irritable

  • starving themselves just to binge later

  • gauging success by the results of their FitBit or MyFitness Pal tracking

  • stepping on the scale and feeling over-the-moon excited when the weight is down and feeling like a failure when it’s not

  • dealing with irregular periods, mood swings, PCOS, or PMS that interferes with daily life

  • thinking awful thoughts just from looking in a full-length mirror

  • trying every possible diet (even the one your best friend’s aunt’s cousin swears is a miracle), but in the end feeling like a failure because they didn’t work

  • Regain energy and self-confidence without restrictive dieting

  • Feel confident trusting themselves and their food choices

  • Heal their hormones naturally, without the fad diets or detoxes

  • Learn how to stop obsessing about food and the number on the scale

  • Find the freedom to enjoy hobbies and relationships instead of wasting valuable energy agonizing over food and movement

Many of these women had been struggling with these issues since they were teenagers! 

BUT, by working with Rethink Nutrition these women were able to...

In 2019, we want to help more women find their freedom and that’s why we created the Health Transformation - Food Freedom program. We'll be giving you all of our best tips and strategies in one convenient place! 


In this 12-week program, you’ll get the playbook to their success and we'll share how these women were able to find their freedom. This program will NOT be meal plans and workout routines. Instead, we’ll take you on your journey to a healthy lifestyle that you can enjoy!


If you’re interested in learning more about how these women were able to transform their relationships with food and finally break free from the limits of dieting...


....apply for the 12-Week Health Transformation - Food Freedom program…

We haven’t set in stone the final pricing yet…but if you’re anything like these frustrated women…it will likely be much cheaper than what it’s costing you to deal with this problem right now. Early bird pricing available if you sign up before January 1st!

Next Steps:

First, you'll set up a free info call with one of our dietitians to discuss details about the program. Then, you'll be directed to fill out our short online application. If you're a good fit, then we'll extend an invitation to join the group. 

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