Does food make you feel

Your relationship to food might cause you to feel a whirlwind of emotions every time you eat or even think about eating.

It is possible to break the cycle and develop a healthy relationship with food.

Sydney Cochan, MS, RD, LD

Sydney Cochran, MS, RD, LD

Sydney can help you end the constant battle of agonizing over everything you eat, freeing up your thoughts and energy for the things in your life that are truly important to you.


She is experienced in treating eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder, as well as helping people who are trapped in the constant cycle of dieting or struggling with negative body image.

Sydney will help you challenge your food rules, learn what "normal" eating looks like, and identify ways to better care for yourself as a whole.

Not sure if your relationship with food is a problem?

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