Your results indicate that you'd likely be a good candidate for

Food Sensitivity Testing.

Because food sensitivities are typically due to a leaky gut.

Here are some simple steps that you could make immediately:

1. Take a daily probiotic. 

2. Replace any alcohol, soda or fruit juice with water or decaf green tea

3. Take time for daily stress relief through meditation, exercise, or journaling. 

For a more thorough understanding of how to heal your gut and improve your immune health using the latest advances in medical nutrition therapy, including food sensitivity testing...

 ...reach out and schedule a free call with me. 

By the end of your call, you'll receive:

  • Understanding about what's been preventing your success thus far

  • Determining if food sensitivity testing is the right option for you

  • What it would look like to have a health partner in one of our dietitians

  • Clear action steps to immediately begin working on your symptoms