What Your Results Mean

Abnormal Relationship with Food: 60-120

Your  results indicate that you have an abnormal relationship with food. Food is something that stresses you out on a regular basis. You use external cues or rules to determine how much to eat. You may even feel out of control around food, or feel obsessed about your size, weight, and food rules. This is not normal. The good new is, it doesn't have to be this way forever. 

Borderline Abnormal Relationship With Food: 30-59

Your results indicate that your relationship with food is borderline abnormal. Food may not be a constant source of stress in your life, but you are governed by some food rules and do not have complete peace around food. Your body image and weight make you anxious from time to time, and your thoughts drift to food-centered thoughts often.

Normal Relationship With Food: 0-29

You enjoy food, eat according to hunger and fullness cues much of the time, and you don't feel out of control around food. You view exercise as a way to care for your body, and don't use it as a way to burn off extra calories. Best yet, you believe all foods fit into a healthy diet. We're happy for you!

What Next? 

If your score indicates that you have an abnormal or borderline abnormal relationship with food, you may be a good fit to meet with our dietitian, Sydney! She has helped many people improve their health and find freedom with food! To read more Sydney's philosophy with food, click here! And, if you want to work with Sydney, click to apply!